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I forgot something! Can I add to my current order?

Yes, but only if you haven’t received our shipping confirmation email.

To add to an order, simply place a new order and under shipping options at checkout, select, "ADD to Order" and you will not be charged again for shipping. In the notes section please make sure to reference your previous order number so we know which orders to combine.

I made a mistake! How do I change or remove something from my order?

To change or remove items from your order just email us at admin@cometpinball.com. Please include your name, order number, and a description of what you like to change about your order. If you ordered an extra bulb or selected the wrong color we can easily make these minor changes. On the other hand, if you need to make some major changes to your order we will probably ask that you place your corrected order again, and we will cancel and refund your previous order.

What shipping methods do you offer?

We ship using USPS. We offer First Class (4-5 business days) and Priority (2-3 business days). Orders to Canada usually arrive in 7-10 business days. International orders take anywhere from a week, to as long as 5 weeks to arrive. Italy is the slowest!

Do your shipments have tracking?

Yes. Every package has a tracking number that will be sent to your email address as soon as the package is shipped. Generally, the tracking information isn’t updated until it leaves our local post office at the end of the day.

I did not receive my tracking number, how do I find it?

You should have received an email with tracking information when your package shipped. If you did not receive it or cannot find it, please email admin@cometpinball.com.

Can I get my order shipped for free?

Yes! We offer free shipping for all domestic orders of $99 or more. Want those bulbs faster? Upgrade to Priority mail for only $3.99.

How are your International Shipping Rates configured?

We have worked diligently to bring the lowest actual cost to our international shipments. We have been told we have some of the lowest International rates available.

Do you offer Expedited Shipping?

For domestic shipping, we offer two speeds: Priority (2-3 business days in transit) and First Class (4-5 business days in transit). Nearly all orders are shipped out within one business day. We don’t offer expedited shipping on International orders.

What happens once I place my order?

As soon as we receive your order we begin picking through our almost 1000 different varieties of bulbs gathering exactly what you’ve selected. We pack and ship orders Monday-Friday, most often on the very day they were received. Orders received on Friday evening and through the weekend are shipped on Monday.

We guarantee our products against manufacture failure for a period of 30 days from purchase. We do not guarantee products that have been altered, or incorrectly installed or removed. All (non-defective) returned items must be shipped back at the buyers expense. Returned items must contain an invoice number. All products in need of warranty service need to be returned for replacement. Replacement bulbs are subject to shipping fees.


I have many questions about bulbs and am confused. Where do I start?

Adding LEDs is mostly about brightness. Please Start with our Slider Bar and Interactive Brightness Chart.

We are working on a guide, "The Art of LED in Pinball", that when completed will hopefully be the source for answers to many many questions. In the meantime, a few questions are answered here.

What is important to remember, is that everyone's taste is different. When choosing bulbs you will have to take into consideration brightness as well as the distance and direction of light throw.

Determine your personal preferences by asking yourself questions such as:

"Do you want to play in the dark?"

"What Year Type of Game do you have?"

"Is anyone sensitive to LED light sources?"

This is an important step to determining the brightness baseline that is right for the game, the room, and the players.

With the lighting in your home you choose bulbs with varying wattages and use shades, spots, table lamps, etc. to get the lighting you want in a certain area. A pinball game is no different! Your choice of brightness in your general illumination and the lights on the play field help decide the rest.

The more Diodes, the brighter - or the more expensive the brighter. Some LEDs are flexible and position-able while others are fixed to the top or sides. Like a Chandelier, the Light output and direction can be seen by looking at the bulb or referencing our Brightness chart.

What is the difference between an LED and an SMD?

An LED is a Light Emitting Diode, and an SMD is a Surface Mounted Diode.
Technically an SMD is an LED, but for business marketing purposes,
an LED is defined here as a single diode, encapsulated in an Epoxy Resin.
An SMD is a flat diode and varies in size allowing for a varying quantity and brightness.

An example is a 5050 1 SMD "Super" or "Supreme" brightness. The 5050 means "5mm x 5mm".
A 4 SMD can have 4 Surface Mounted Diodes, of a variety of sizes and brightness.

How are LEDs made?

Here is a great link and view into the manufacturing of LEDs: How LEDs are Made

What are the types of Incandescent bases are there that I will be converting to LEDs in my Pinball Machine?

n General, there are 4 types - pictured below.

What is meant by Ghosting and Non Ghosting?

Ghosting is the result of there being residual power left in the LED even when the LED is powered off.

When the board tells an LED in a playfield insert to turn off, there may still be a small amount of light emitting form the LED. The light is very faint in most cases, but still visible.
Ghosting is usually limited to 3-8 bulbs per game, and only in inserts.

Non Ghosting Bulbs take care of this issue.

What is the difference between Ghosting, Flickering, and Strobing?

While ghosting is faint light, due to residual power, in a bulb that should be off, flickering is as it sounds, a flickering of an LED light. Flickering is noticeable mostly in Attract Mode, when the game is sending "fading" signals to the bulb. An LED can’t respond to these signals without an additional OCD Board. Flickering can also be a result of socket, wiring, or voltage issues from your game, mostly due to age.

Strobing refers to the pulsing of light, like when a video camera shows a Television Screen. In a Game’s GI (General Illumination) lights are AC Powered at 50-60 hz. Some people can see this "refresh rate". An additional board, or even our Op-Max bulbs (which convert the current to DC), can be of help. Only a small percentage of people are affected by strobing.

What is an Optix Maximus Bulb and Why is it different?

Our Optix Maximus Series is a bulb exclusive to Comet Pinball.

Covered by 2 Patents, Optic Maximus Bulbs are the brightest diffused bulbs to be found. Operating at 6.3V, the throw of light is over 300 degrees. After 8 months of testing, we have re-engineered the bulb, to be the best bulb for Increased lighting in dark areas of your game.

A single bulb in each back corner can light a game up with amazing clarity.

What is Spotting or Haloing, and I how do I fix?

Spotting or Haloing is when the LED is too bright for the art being lit. In a back box, it can be a bright circle, or twin circle. In plastics, it will also appear as a hot spot.

The solution is generally to use a frosted bulb, or a bulb lower in brightness. Using Frosted Lens Bulbs, allows you to control the brightness and throw best.

This aspect, will vary from game to game due to different colors, processes, print thickness, and the distance of the light to the object.

I have Large Inserts that are not getting fully lit. How do I fix that?

Easy. Use a brighter Bulb or a flex Bulb.

If the Bulb is centered in the insert, say a Red Arrow or Large Rectangle, try a 2 SMD Faceted bulb, as the facets throw the light further.

Two other choices are Twin 2835, and 4 SMD, which are brighter.

If the socket is not centered or is angled incorrectly, you can reposition, and/or use flex head bulbs to fine tune the light source in the insert.

Flashers. How do I know what to use?

Again, this is about brightness and throw. For some people, some bulbs are just too blinding when flashing. What is right for you may not be what is right for others.

In general, the simplest choice is to use 8 SMD flats in all of your flasher locations.

Or, you may want to try these more advanced tips

  • If the flasher is below the play field, shooting light up, use an 8 SMD top facing or flex head.
  • If the flasher sits ON the play field, with the socket from below, a flex head or Tower, is best.
  • If the flasher is above the play field in domes, a 5 SMD flasher is close to an Incandescent and should be used to avoid blinding a player.
  • As the flashers move to the back, you can chose to go brighter. In Back Boxes, you can use Front facing 9 for a broad flash or a T10 "T" flasher for small accurate flash. Flex heads can be used to point backwards, to bounce light,

In short, look at what direction the diodes are facing, and how many there are. They either point straight or in multiple directions. Flex heads allow you to bounce or deflect the light to your taste.

To learn more, email us at admin@cometpinball.com