Black Friday Sale

Once per year we put our most popular products, and a few others, on sale for our famous Black Friday Sale. Supplies may be limited, when they're gone, they're gone! As always, domestic orders over $99 receive free shipping. Orders over $199 will get the option to select a free gift - details at the bottom of this page.

2SMD Bulbs  $0.69 / $0.65 / $0.59

Sale Price: $0.49/bulb

The standard in modern lighting - our all around best selling bulb. In 2014, all new games began using 2SMDs for their General Illumination. Use these to brighten up your older games to match. Available with clear or frosted lenses. Sale price applies to 25 packs only.

8SMD Flashers  $1.29

Sale Price: $0.99/bulb

Flashers to replace the larger #89 and #906 12 volt incandescent bulbs that started appearing in games in the mid 1980s, through to today. These 8SMDs are very bright, and the standard flasher used in modern machines.

Retro SMD Bulbs  $0.65 / $0.56 / $0.53

Sale Price: $0.45/bulb

Try our our brand new SMD Retro bulbs. They're made to be the same brightness as an incandescent, but with the color & lens options, as well as the long-lasting-ness of our SMD technology. They come in two styles: standard, and the taller bullet bulbs, pictured here. Sale price applies to 25 packs only.

Trough Lighting Kits  $6.99

Sale Price: $5.49/kit

Adding extra lighting to your machine is easier than you think, and our trough lighting kit is a great place to get your feet wet. This kit includes a strip in the color of your choice, a brightness adjuster, extra wire, and connectors to easily hook up. No soldering required!

Pop Bumper Discs  $4.39

Sale Price: $2.99/per

These pop bumper discs are a great choice for nice even lighting, particularly under translucent pop bumper caps. White on the bottom, and the color of your choice on top, each comes with a built in brightness adjustment screw.

Blinking Bulbs  $1.19 / $1.39

Sale Price: $0.99/bulb

These feisty little bulbs blink on their own, making them the perfect choice as a replacement for #455 bulbs (commonly used in EM backboxes), as well as anywhere you want to add a unique lighting effect. They come in a few different colors and two different speeds.

If your cart goes over $199, you'll automatically see a popup that practically insists on adding a free gift to your order. You'll get the choice of:

Supplies are limited for some of these items.

Frequently Asked Questions (Black Friday Edition):

Q: Will [name of product not listed above] be part of the sale?
A: Sadly, no.

Q: Do I get candy?
A: Almost certainly (unless you order a single bulb or something, or you're outside the US).

Q: Will Nemo The Shop Dog be picking orders?
A: No. He will be sitting in the aisle, getting in our way.

Q: I'm pretty excited about those bulbs I bought. By the way, where is my order?
A: We work really hard to get orders out the door as quickly as possible. Last year, the first 25% went out on Friday, the next 15% went out on Saturday, and most of the rest left the office on Monday (with a few stragglers on Tuesday). We aim to repeat that feat this year. But let's be honest, at this time of year USPS is going to be slammed. Tracking might not get updated and packages may take longer than usual. Please be patient. Your local post office is a good place to direct your first set of complaints. :-) Of course, let us know if it doesn't seem like your package is going to arrive or if USPS isn't helpful.

Q: Is international shipping free if I spend $X?
A: Sadly, no.

Q: When do you play pinball in the office?
A: Never before the mail goes out at 5:29pm. Currently we have a Funhouse and a Wizard of Oz.

Q: If I spend $398+, can I have two free gifts?
A: Sadly, no - gifts are limited.

Q: Why is your site preventing me from ordering the quantity I want?
A: This means we're either out of stock, or have limits in place for a particular product.

Q: I made a mistake with my order. Will you change it for me over email?
A: This is the craziest time of the year in the Comet Pinball office, so if you want your order to go out quickly and correctly, your best bet is to place a single, perfect, glorious order. If major mistakes have been made, we can work it out with you, but it will likely delay your order. "Can you swap the reds for blues?" seems like a simple request, but we track our inventory meticulously, so there are quite a few steps involved in making something like that happen.

Q: If I forget something in my order, do I have to pay for shipping again?
A: It depends. If you need to make an addition, your order confirmation will give you instructions for how to add to your order. If you haven't received a shipping confirmation, then we haven't packed your order yet and you are free to add to it. However, once you've received the shipping confirmation email, it's too late, and you'll need to place another order and pay for shipping again. Please follow this guideline so that your package is not delayed while we track you down and make you pony up for shipping.

Q: That sounded like a threat. Are you threatening me?
A: As of this time, we have yet to employ hired goons for any reason.

Q: Do you eat candy while working in the Comet Pinball office?
A: Ryan will occasionally partake, but only if he hasn't eaten in several hours. We've never seen Greg eat candy, as he is dissuaded by the picture of the aching cartoon tooth that lives in the candy bin. We're currently in possession of a full sized gummy pickle that has gone uneaten for weeks.

Q: Will you run out of some product during the sale?
A: Almost certainly (but hopefully only a handful of our 1000+ products). No matter how hard we try, we cannot seem to satisfy your appetite for bulbs!

Q: You ran out of Trough Lighting Kits, now what?
A: Buy a 10SMD strip of your choice, and then add a 12 inch Matrix wire. That's it! (All you're missing is the brightness adjuster, which are totally optional, but sadly it looks like we're going to run out of those).

Q: What does Retro mean?
A: We use the term "Retro" as a synonym for "same brightness as an incandescent bulb". It means nothing more, and nothing less. We have various styles/colors of Retro: bullets (shape/height of an incandescent), standard (shape/height of our standard sized bulbs), frosted, and clear.

Q: Are these real questions, or are you just making them up?
A: Yes.

Q: Do you have any other sales during the year?
A: No. Anything is possible, but it hasn't happened thus far.

Q: Is "anything" *really* possible?
A: No. It's impossible to put a Cadillac up your nose, according to Steve Martin anyway.

Q: How much longer will this FAQ go on?
A: As long as it has to.

Q: it sounds like you've run out of fake questions, haven't you?
A: Yes.