Black Friday Sale

Once per year we put our most popular products, and a few others, on sale for our famous Black Friday Sale. Supplies may be limited, when they're gone, they're gone! As always, domestic orders over $149 receive free shipping. Orders over $199 will get the option to select a free gift - details at the bottom of this page.

2SMD Bulbs  $0.69 / $0.65 / $0.59

Sale Price: $0.49/bulb

The standard in modern lighting - our all around best selling bulb. In 2014, all new games began using 2SMDs for their General Illumination. Use these to brighten up your older games to match. Available with clear or frosted lenses. Sale price applies to 25 packs only.

8SMD Flashers  $1.29

Sale Price: $0.99/bulb

Flashers to replace the larger #89 and #906 12 volt incandescent bulbs that started appearing in games in the mid 1980s, through to today. These 8SMDs are very bright, and the standard flasher used in modern machines.

Retro SMD Bulbs $0.59 / $0.56 / $0.53

Sale Price: $0.49/bulb

Want the longevity, reduced heat and power consumption benefits of LEDs without all the brightness? Our Retro line of bulbs produce the same amount of light as a fresh incandescent. These standard sized Retro Bulbs will give your game a fresh look without turning it into a modern Stern. Sale price applies to 25 packs only.

Retro SMD Bullet Bulbs $0.59 / $0.56 / $0.53

Sale Price: $0.49/bulb

Like our Retro Bulbs, our Retro SMD Bullets are the same brightness as incandescent lamps.  They're the same shape too, making these LEDs the closest we've seen to match those classic incandescents. This slightly taller variety makes installation from above the playfield or into those boxed off, controlled backbox sockets a breeze.  The size of these bulbs does create a slightly higher risk of hotspots on playfield plastics and the backbox (especially the clear lens version), but can look absolutely fantastic when properly placed. Sale price applies to 25 packs only.

10SMD Lighting Strips $3.95-$4.50

Sale Price: $2.99/strip

Adding extra lighting to your machine is easier than you think, and our lighting strips are a great place to get your feet wet. Aside from a clear or frosted 4 inch strip in color of your choice, you get three different types of connectors for easy installation into your machine. No soldering required!

If your cart goes over $199, you'll automatically see a popup that practically insists on adding a free gift to your order. You'll get the choice of:

Supplies are limited for some of these items.

Frequently Asked Questions (Black Friday Edition):

Q: I love your Black Friday FAQ so much that I came here to read it even though I know all the rules, is that okay?
A: A single tear of flattery is rolling down our collective cheek. Sorry...what was the question?

Q: Are you guys too busy for...?
A: Yes, we are very busy. But we will get back to you. We promise! If you're trying to modify an order, we can accommodate, but it will definitely delay how quickly we get it out the door. If you have complicated questions regarding bulbs and specific games, we will do our best to respond quickly but a better time to ask that would be any other days of the year. If you are reaching out with Black Friday order fulfillment music recommendations, then no, we are not too busy.

Q: But what if I forgot something in my order?
A: It depends. If you need to make an addition, your order confirmation will give you instructions for how to add to your order. If you haven't received a shipping confirmation, then we haven't packed your order yet and you are free to add to it. However, once you've received the shipping confirmation email, it's too late, and you'll need to place another order and pay for shipping again. Please follow this guideline so that your package is not delayed while we track you down and make you pony up for shipping. Also, adding to your order might delay your original shipment, so keep that in mind.

Q: Will my order arrive soon?
A: Most likely! We send out packages in the order the orders arrived. We usually get everything out the door by Wednesday. But...the post office is totally overwhelmed this time of year. It's like a wedding, exams, and the first day at a new job, all rolled into one for them. Be nice to those folks. We send you a tracking number on the day your box gets sealed up, and walk it across the street to the post office (that's right...we can see the building out our windows). If your package never shows up, we've got you covered, but the delivery step might take a few days longer at this time of year. Maybe someday we'll offer hand delivery service.

Q: I want to be even better at pinball. Should I just play more?
A: One of the best things you can do is watch players who are better than you. Be it in person, or online, notice what great players are doing that you are not, and work on those skills. We love the Abe Flips videos. They are short and beautifully filmed. You can also watch streamed and archived competition footage, and the various game tutorials by Bowen Kerins are great too.

Q: Can I get the sale price on something that isn't on sale? What about something that is on sale now, but I bought it last week, or am planning to buy it next week?
A: No. As a goofy, tall-haired man once said: "A rule is a rule. And let's face it, without rules....there's chaos."

Q: Is midnight at the beginning of the day, or the end of the day? I've never been quite sure.
A: Neither are we. Let's just say the sale ends at 11:59pm and 59 seconds, on Monday November 28th. Eastern Time.

Q: Is pinball the most important thing in life?
A: It can be. For some people, many of their interests and hobbies fade away as they get older. Lucky for us, one way or another, we all stumbled into pinball...a whimsical game that can casually entertain you for a few hours a year, or a deep rabbit hole that can consume your entire life. No matter where you sit on the pinball spectrum, we hope it's with a smile.

Q: How big is the Comet office?
A: Imagine 1000 of those long cardboard boxes that are the right size for baseball cards, arranged neatly on racks. Throw in a computer, a few pinball machines, boxes of extra product, candy, t-shirts, printers, a few cases of year old girl scout cookies. You get the idea.

Q: If I spend $400, I should get 2 free gifts, right? How do I do that?
A: We always have people who try to split up their order into $200 batches to game the free gift system. Please don't do that. It creates a lot of extra work, annoyance, and cost for us. You can't put a value on the good vibes that ripple through our office when we receive large orders.

Q: How do you avoid eating candy all day at the office?
A: We have a cartoon of a sad looking tooth sticking out of the candy bin. Some of us have learned to ignore this not-so-subtle message.

Q: I've been waiting all year to order 5,575 frosted sunlight 2SMD bulbs. Will you have enough for my order?
A: Unfortunately, we have to limit the quantities we can sell each customer during the sale. It depends on our current levels of inventory, so each bulb will have a different limit each year. Our site will gently massage each bulb request if you exceed the limits.

Q: I wanted 32 different bulbs, but one is out of stock. Can you hold my order till it arrives?
A: Unfortunately, we can't do this. We do have a convenient "remind me" button that appears, and you can be notified via email as soon as something is back in stock.

Q: When will that be?
A: "A few weeks/months".

Q: This FAQ mostly talks about things you guys won't do. So what *will* you do?
A: We will sent out your order quickly, correctly, and usually with candy. We will have what you ordered in stock. Your bulbs have been patiently waiting for their turn to be chosen, and this is the's like a puppy being adopted! This puppy is going to be pampered all the way from our bin directly to your house. We will treat it lovingly, give it one last tour around the office, and blow kisses to it as we snugly fit it into a soft nest of paper and cardboard. And then when it arrives, it will forever brighten your pinball world. That's what we'll do for you.

Q: International Shipping is so expensive! My order is large, do I need to pay the shipping cost?
A: We agree that it is expensive, but it is the best we can do. Unfortunately we cannot discount international shipping costs.

Q: Does it have to be this hard?
A: No. Meditating for even 10 minutes a day can change everything. So can a good therapist. Unless you're talking about the O shot in Jurassic Park. No one can help you with that. Maybe a slingshot will randomly throw it up there at some point?

Q: Are these questions even real?
A: Let us answer your question with another question: What do you mean by "real"?

A: Thank you for reading. Go tell someone in your life how much they mean to you.