Judge Dredd LED Conversion Kit
Judge Dredd LED Conversion Kit

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If you dread playing dark games, you'll love our complete LED kit for the Bally/Williams 1993 Judge Dredd. It comes with color matched, non-ghosting bulbs for the inserts, and everything you need for the backbox and general illumination.

Seriously, check out the pic of the translite. They loaded the backbox with a a ton of sockets to highlight the awesome colors. Probably one of the best art packages of the 1990's.

We've also included three pairs of spotlights which brighten the middle of the playfield better than granny firing a shotgun. As a perennial nominee for "Fewest GI Bulbs in a Modern Pinball Machine", these spotlights are a necessity if you want to see the ball in a dark room.

Each bulb is chosen by hand and tested in a real machine before being included in this kit. We spend an unreasonable amount of time putting these together, and believe it shows in the final product. Your incandescent days are over punk!

A note on flashers
In our opinion, many of the complaints about modern games being too bright are due to the use of LED flashers. For some people, they're too bright! We like to leave our flashers as incandescent, but they can be added to this kit for an extra charge by selecting it above. You'll get all 33 of them. "10 years for brightness".