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What happened to NiftyLED?
What happened to NiftyLED?


Product Code: NIFTY-COMET

NiftyLED has closed down their online store and partnered with us here at Comet Pinball to help make sure their customers could still find the bulbs they need. If you're a Nifty customer ordering from Comet, drop this in your cart so we know to give you an extra warm welcome. :-)

The farewell email below explains it in a little more detail:

Dear Nifty LED Customers,

We are writing to give some important news. We appreciate your business over the last several years and while we would like to continue to serve you and the pinball community, changes in our personal lives (family, work, etc) have made the ability to do so difficult.

It is with mixed emotions that we announce that we will be closing our online store that you're familiar with, NiftyLED.com. With that, we have worked out a partnership with Comet Pinball to share our existing customer base and would like to recommend that any business you'd like to give Nifty be passed along to Comet Pinball instead.

They are a great company to work with and they offer comparably high-quality bulbs that match what you've come to depend on from us. If you need help finding Comet bulbs that are equivalent to your Nifty favorites, you can click here. Beginning March 1, we will be forwarding our website to cometpinball.com for your shopping convenience.

Thank you, again, for your patronage and also for supporting Comet going forward.

Nate and Daniel