Playboy (Bally) LED Kit

  • $159.99

Check out the Youtube video below to see this in action.

If you're a Hugh-ge fan of Playboy, we've got a complete LED conversion kit for your cherished Bally Playboy pinball machine! It includes every bulb you'll need to replace the incandescents in your game, as well as the Seigecraft Bally/Stern Flicker Eliminator boards (to prevent flickering that occurs on all Playboy machines when using LEDs).

This is a No Frills Kit. What does that mean? All inserts are color matched. Everything else: the backbox and general illumination, are white. All bulbs are frosted 1SMDs. To keep down costs, no extra strips, spotlights, or anything else are included. In fact, this is a few bucks cheaper than if you had picked out all 118 bulbs and the adapter board by hand. While some of our kits are hand crafted, with each bulb being specifically selected by one of our lighting experts, this is not one of them. It's more like a bulb list you didn't have to put together yourself. So don your finest smoking jacket and start flipping!

If you buy the complete kit, you'll also get 8 extra colored bulbs for your GI, in case you want to add a bit of color. So technically, this is a "1 Frill Kit". :-)

You can buy the entire kit at once, or the individual sections, as described below:

Insert Kit
This gets you all 40 insert bulbs, color matched for each of the inserts. (We use warm white for yellow inserts, and Cool White for white inserts. The others are self explanatory). It also includes the Early Bally/Stern Flicker Eliminator Adapter Boards (without them, LEDs in your inserts will flicker annoyingly when they should be fully illuminated).

Backbox Kit
This is simply the 48 bulbs needed for your backbox.

General Illumination Kit
This is the 25 bulbs used in the GI (the bulbs that are always on and illuminate the plastics and provide light around the edges of the playfield). There are an additional 6 bulbs for the pop bumpers, the coin slots, and the credit light on the apron.


Product Specs

Inserts Standard bulbs
General Illumination All white
Special Features Includes Bally LED Adapter Board (Full & Insert Kits)