Kangaroo Leather Coin Purse

  • $16.99

Tired of picking pocket lint out of your quarters when trying to play pinball? Fishing out buttons, receipts, and blown fuses?

Pinball is sacred, so we're introducing the perfect plastic coin holder alternative. Next time you're playing out on location, whip out your roo sack and throw it down on the glass. Nothing says "I care about my quarters" like a genuine kangaroo leather pouch to keep them safe and warm.

As popularized by the Head2Head Pinball Podcast and nutty guest Scott Danesi (designer of Total Nuclear Annihilation), this little bundle of joy will make you the envy of everyone with a barely passable fake Australian accent. And why stop at pinball? Carry quarters around in your own personal kangaroo nutsack for use in vending machines, parking meters, or spiral wishing well funnels.

Each pouch has a unique shape, but you should be able to cram at least $7 worth of quarters into yours, perhaps more if your 'roo was particularly manly.

Note: quarters not included.