LED OCD BOARD for WPC - Bally/Williams
LED OCD BOARD  for WPC - Bally/Williams

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Product Code: LEDOCDWPC

  • Control the brightness of individual lamps
  • Eliminate the flicker or strobe effect when using LEDs
  • Smooth on/off transitions when using LEDs
  • No ghosting (performs best with LEDs that are not advertised as non-ghosting)

These boards are an updated design that is much smaller than the original LED OCD but provides the same functionality. Please note, however, that these boards do not support a game full of incandescent bulbs like the original did. Convert your game to LED before powering up the game with the newer LED OCD Mini installed.

You can use SOME incandescent, but not a game full of them. The exact limit is not certain. The installed fuse is very conservative to protect the board, and you may blow it easily. You can increase the fuse size if needed, but it is recommended to stay at 2A or lower.

Confirmed To Work With

The Addams Family / Addams Family Gold (*) | Attack from Mars | Bram Stoker's Dracula | Cirqus Voltaire | Congo | Corvette | Fish Tales | Funhouse | The Getaway: High Speed II | Indiana Jones: The Pinball Adventure | Jack*Bot | Johnny Mnemonic | The Machine: Bride of Pin*Bot | Medieval Madness | Monster Bash | No Fear: Dangerous Sports | No Good Gofers | Red & Ted Road Show | Scared Stiff | The Shadow | Star Trek: The Next Generation | Tales of the Arabian Nights | Terminator 2: Judgement Day | Theatre of Magic | Twilight Zone | White Water

Should Also Work, But Not Yet Tested

Harley-Davidson | Gilligan's Island | Hurricane | Party Zone | Black Rose | Doctor Who (*) | Creature from the Black Lagoon | Judge Dredd | Popeye Saves The Earth | Demolition Man | World Cup Soccer | The Flintstones | Dirty Harry | Indianapolis 500 | WHO Dunnit | Safecracker | Junk Yard | NBA Fastbreak | The Championship Pub | Cactus Canyon

NOTE: If you are using a ColorDMD with The Addams Family or Dr Who, we recommend using it with real lamps rather than the LAMP_IN input on the ColorDMD. The lamp board can be shifted down and the display shifted up a bit to make the lamp board fit. You can also do the DIY *THING* lamp board mod as described on ColorDMD's website.

For More information, and FAQ, please visit the designers site at http://ledocd.com/index.html

Support Page: http://ledocd.com/support.html

Twilight Zone with LED OCD