Yoppsicle LED Sticks

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If you are upgrading the insert lighting on early Bally/Stern pinball machines, look no further than The Yoppsicle. These are a permanent solution that resolves flaky socket woes, and provides LED lighting without the need for additional adapters, resistors, or upgraded driver boards.

Installation is easy: simply remove the old socket and slide the stick under the original braided wire, use the original screw to secure, solder the two wires to the pads and forget about it forever. No more flicker and no more dim bulbs... just bright, solid light! Want to use your original lamp driver board? No problem!

This page wouldn't be complete without mentioning the hard work of David Yopp, who developed and created this product from an original design using a popsicle stick! The final design is admittedly less mouth-watering, but you'll love the sleek and uncrowded look they give to the underside of your playfield. We're honored to be working with him to get these out into early solid state pinball machines across the world.

(Note: These will NOT work with the Bally 6803 machines, nor will they work in machines with a lighting matrix, for instance a Williams "Firepower" etc.)

If you love punching out chits in board games, buy 50 or 100 packs, which will arrive to you as sheets that are oh-so-satisfying to separate out into individual sticks.

NOTE: Keep in mind that these aren't well suited for backbox controlled lamps, so if you decide to add LED bulbs to those bayonet style sockets with an original board, you may need to add additional resistance to remove the flicker in the backbox. This will in no way affect the Yoppsicles installed under the playfield.

*This product requires soldering

*Warm White is similar to our Sunlight White