About Us

Who is Comet Pinball?



When not running all the day-to-day operations of Comet Pinball, re-ordering products, and handling all the customer support, Greg is probably skiing, hiking, or out at a concert.


When not playing with spreadsheets, doing ops, and building kits, Ryan is operating pinball machines, traveling to tournaments, and wondering if he should have interests outside of pinball.


When not picking orders, keeping the shipping seat warm, and questioning Greg's taste in music, Kris is probably rock climbing, writing, and endearing us to her fluffy shop dog Nemo. 


When not devising marketing strategy, balancing the books, and holding people accountable, Janet is probably thinking about flipping houses, meditating, or petting dogs on the street.


When not executing marketing plans, doing visual design, and saying yes to everything else, Stef is probably doing CrossFit, housesitting, or sandblasting glassware for fun & profit.


When not picking orders, building kits, or filling in at the last minute, Dan is probably selling vinyl online, building a banjo, playing with his band Bermuda Shorts, or being overly relaxed.