How to buy LEDs for your pinball machine

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Yes, we've got a lot of product to choose from, but it doesn't need to be overwhelming. There are only a few things you need to know when you're first getting started, so we'll keep it simple.

Complete LED Upgrade Kits for your game

We have a growing list of pre-made LED kits for different pinball machines. They include everything you need, as well as installation instructions. If we don't have the game you need, contact us and we might be able to help.

General Illumination & Backbox LEDs

We've got pages and pages of detail on our bulbs and how to become a lighting expert, but if you want one bulb to rule them all, the answer is: frosted 2SMD bulbs. See them in use below in the backbox of Judge Dredd. Mostly whites, but with a few strategically placed colors.

Choosing Base Type & Color

You'll need to look through your game to determine if you need wedge (#555) or bayonet (#44/47), and we recommend sticking with mostly white. Learn more about which white to choose for your pinball machine.

LEDs for Inserts & Controlled Lighting

The bulbs that turn on and off to indicate game status & features often need a special type of bulb to prevent flickering. For those, we recommend: frosted 1SMD non-ghosting bulbs. Most people choose to color match (red bulbs in a red insert, green in green, etc). Again, you'll need to know if you need wedge or bayonet.

LED Flashers for modern games

Modern games have larger bulbs that flash quickly and brightly. These bulbs have larger sockets, and those sockets are at a higher voltage. Usually you will find these under colored domes above the playfield (often along ramps), or under large inserts under the playfield. Our 8SMD flasher bulbs are the most popular by far, but they are very bright, so some people will opt for the dimmer 5SMDs.

That's it! To learn more, explore The Art Of LEDs.

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