At long last, a product that you've always needed, but never expected you'd be buying from a company who shortsightedly chose the tagline: "Modern Lighting".

We're extremely picky about how the ball feels on the flipper (especially when bounce passing), which is why our flipper rubbers are made using traditional rubber. You'll enjoy that same familiar feeling of ball control that you've been experiencing for decades in the arcade. We call these "Retro" rubbers.

But, we also want to spend our time playing, and not changing out hard to reach rubbers around the rest of the playfield. With that in mind, we use long-lasting, easy-to-clean silicone for the rest of our rubbers, from rings, to post sleeves, to plunger tips, and more.

Flipper rubbers come in red and black (as well as yellow for the half-height Gottlieb flipper rubbers). Our rings, and most other things, come in black and white.