Cosmic Silicone Rings

  • $1.39

By now, your games have been brilliantly lit with our bulbs, why not give your rubbers a refresh as well? Our brand new Comet Rubber Rings will liven things up and make your pinball machines play like new again. Available in black or white, these pinball rubbers are easy to clean, and made of long lasting silicone - so you can spend your time playing, and not on maintenance.

Most pinball manuals will contain information (and often a map) which lays out exactly which rubbers the machine requires. Refer to that when ordering for your game (and don't forget flipper rubbers). If you want to take the easy road, feast your eyes on our ever-growing list of game specific rubber kits. Perhaps we already have what you're looking for?

A few of the smallest rubbers use a slightly more specific naming system...

I.D. means: Inner Diameter, meaning the inner diameter of the ring.
O.D. means: Outer Diameter, which (perhaps not unsurprisingly) refers to the outer diameter of the ring.