The Easiest Way to Make Pinball Lighting Mods

Making pinball lighting mods for yourself or others? Comet Pinball is the industry standard for creative lighting products.

"If you are mod-maker or DIY type, you'll find everything you need to create customized lighting effects at Comet Pinball. Their products are top notch and their service is second to none." Kristin Mezel, owner of Mezel Mods

Why use Comet Pinball for mod making?

  • Our exclusive Matrix lighting system: it's like Legos for pinball lighting
  • Easy installation: no soldering necessary
  • Trusted by the most popular mod makers in pinball

Aside from the largest selection of pinball bulbs anywhere in the world, we've got unique and exclusive products that let you build just about anything you can imagine.

Versatile Strip Lighting

Add lighting strips wherever you need more light or an artistic accent. We've got a wide variety of colors and four different lengths, plus you can easily trim them if you need something in between. Each strip comes with three different connectors: wedge, bayonet, and alligator clips. Here you can see a red strip lighting the outhole/trough area of Stern's Iron Man.

No-solder Quick Connect Bulbs

Our exclusive quick connect bulbs replace existing bulbs and add a Matrix connection so you can easily tie your mod into existing lighting within the game. Connect them to a GI socket for something that's always illuminated, or connect to an insert socket so to make your mod interact with the game state.

Wiring for Pinball Mods

Extension wires of various lengths help you connect to the spot of your choice, bringing power to wherever you need it. Add in a wire splitter, or a brightness adjustor, for even more customization.

Exclusive Matrix Lighting System

Explore our entire line of Matrix lighting products, or see a few of our most popular below.