Lighting Strips (6.3v)

  • $2.95

(3SMD and 50SMD strips are only available in clear)


Plug & Play strips from Comet Pinball come in a variety of colors and lengths. Each strip comes with self adhesive backing, and includes three different connectors, allowing you to easily add lighting to your machine without needing to break out the soldering iron.

Add strips in the outhole between the flippers, under dark plastics, along the backpanel, in the backbox, or anywhere else you can think of. Use our lighting strips to create your own interactive mods, or simply illuminate dark areas of your pinball machine.

For stickiest results, please clean the area where you are mounting the strip.

*Additional charges for Purple, Ice Blue, Ultra Violet and Frosted strips.

Different strips have different length connection wires. As shown in this chart:

Strip Type Strip Length Connection Wire Length
3SMD 2" 10 1/2"
10SMD 4" 1 1/2"
20SMD 8" 1 1/2"
50SMD 20" 35"


If you need longer wires, we carry Matrix extension wires in various lengths. We also carry a Matrix Brightness Adjuster if you need to dim the brightness of your strip.

Any of our strips can be trimmed to a shorter length if necessary, as shown in this diagram:

For other fun and creative uses of our strips, check out this thread: