Build Your Own Pinball LED Game Kit

Have a pinball machine that needs LEDs but can't find a replacement kit for it on our site? Take matters into your own hands!

Below, we've got some resources to help you put together the right mix of bulbs for your machine. Our advice will change a little bit depending on the era of the game, but most of the principles are the same.

Modern era: If your machine is mid-80s or newer, has both wedge (555) and bayonet (44/47) bulbs, and/or has ramps, this is the guide for you: Build an LED Kit for a Modern pinball machine.

Older machines: If your pin is from the early 80s or older, including all electro-mechanical pins, then you want: our guide to Building an LED kit for EMs (and some early solid states), *with the exception of* early Bally or Stern solid states with -17, -35, -43, -52, M-100 or M-200 boardsets (click here for specific game list). For those machines, you should check out this guide: Build an LED kit for Early Solid State Bally and Stern machines.