Long Lasting LEDs for Machines on Location

Comet Pinball is the choice of pinball operators for reliable, long lasting bulbs in high use locations like arcades and bars.

"When I started shopping out pinball machines, I used a smattering of various products. Comet quickly became my #1 favorite for re-lamping old games and making them bright and beautiful. On location, it's sometimes hard for older games to compete side-by-side with bright modern ones. Comet supplies products to let me go with traditional warm whites, or add pizzazz with vibrant modern colors. My audits show older games earning more with Comet lighting." Kevin from The Flipside Pinball Arcade / Bar

Buying from Comet Pinball, you'll get:

  • Bulk pricing when you order in packs of 25 or 100.
  • Our SMD bulbs have a proven track record of lasting years in routed pinball machines. Save time & money by replacing bulbs less often.
  • Brightly lit games attract more players.
  • Reduced heat in your machines, which helps preserve the plastics, inserts, and connectors, giving you more reliable games that look and play better.

General Illumination & Backbox Lighting

Used in all modern Sterns, 2SMD bulbs are the industry standard for NIB machines. Update your old games to match. Simplify your stock of bulbs by using our Sunlight White: an excellent color for any game. We recommend frosted to reduce hotspots and avoid shining bright lights directly into the eyes of your players.

Inserts & Controlled Lighting

For inserts & other controlled lights, we recommend 1SMD non-ghosting bulbs. If you don't mind stocking different colors, you can color match the inserts. However, you can make life much easier by doing all your inserts with white bulbs.

Bright LED Flashers for Modern Games

In your modern machines, 8SMDs are the standard for flashers. The flat ones work great anywhere you might use them: backbox, domes, or under the playfield.