Matrix Quick Connect Bulbs

  • $1.39

The heart of our Matrix system. Swap this with one of the bulbs in your game, and now you have a connector to power our lighting strips, star post lights, spotlights, or any other Matrix products. No soldering required.

Note: if you are using these for Spike systems and using old Comet Matrix product, or using lighting products not from Comet, you may need to reverse the wiring. This can be done by taking the female connector off by hand, turning it, and putting it back on. Or, you can add some of our Matrix twist wires that do it for you. :-)

Great video from Jumping-Box explaining the Matrix system.

Product Specs

Voltage 6.3v
Also known as "5050s", "supreme brightness", mtx1smdflex
Connection Turn your wedge or bayonet socket into a Matrix connection
Special Properties Flexible light source