Retro Flipper Rubbers

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The most important thing in your pinball machine is the ball itself. What's next? The flippers! Treat yours with the soft rubber they used back in the good old days. We have been working very hard to get these perfect: so the ball bounces and grips exactly the way you would expect from traditional flipper rubbers.

If you want something extra shiny, sticky, and hard, look elsewhere, because these beauties are as standard as they get. No silicone, polyurethane, or colorized flashy stuff, just classic vulcanized rubber. This is high quality, last century technology. Bounce pass with confidence.

Did you know that with classic rubber, the red bands are softer than the black? And the yellow is even softer than the red? Yep, that's how it works. The color of real rubber impacts the hardness. Ours work the same way too.

The 3 inch rubbers we carry in red and black are for just about every pinball machine ever made, and the 1.5 inch ones are for mini flippers on the main playfield (like Addams Family, Twilight Zone, and many others). (Miniature flippers on upper playfields like Family Guy, Shrek and Munsters are a whole different thing. We don't carry those at the moment).

Many Gottlieb games use shorter flipper rubbers that aren't as tall as the standards. We carry those in red and yellow.