455 Blinking Bulbs

  • $1.49

This is a blinking bulb. They are commonly used in backboxes, especially EMs. If your game calls for a #455 or #545 bulb, it's just an artistic choice. The socket works just like a regular bayonet 44/47 socket. It’s the circuitry inside the bulb that makes it blink, not the socket or voltage delivered to it. (So it’s okay to use blinking bulbs in sockets that had a non-blinking bulb, or to put non-blinking bulbs into a socket that called for a blinking bulb).

Below we have a video showing the difference between the slow blinking and fast blinking. We also carry a few styles of a Dim blinking bulb, that allows for some fancy effects.

Many ask if we carry flasher bulbs, and after several confusing emails back and forth, we discover that they’re looking for a blinking bulb! The confusion is that modern games have larger, 12v bulbs that flash briefly when you do something awesome - and that has co-opted the term "flasher".