4SMD Non-Ghosting Bulbs, 100 Packs

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Singles 25 Packs

If you have an insert (or other type of controlled lighting) that subtly flickers when it should be off, you need non-ghosting bulbs to fix the issue. Your game is sending a small amount of voltage to the socket, not enough to light an incandescent bulb, but enough for an LED. They're a little more expensive, but contain a resistor that prevent small amounts of voltage from illuminating the bulb.

These 4SMD non-ghosting bulbs are best for when you want a non-ghosting bulb that is a little brighter than our 1SMDs, or need a lensless non-ghosting bulb with a low profile. 

Need help choosing color, lens type, or base type? Read the Art of LEDs.

Product Specs

Voltage 6.3v
Brightness 2.2x
Also known as "supreme brightness non ghosting"
Diode Size four 3825 diodes
Specialty Properties Non-ghosting