Addams Family LED Kit

  • $134.99

Weellllllcoooome back!

This hand crafted kit includes everything you need to replace all the incandescent bulbs in the Bally/Williams pinball masterpiece: The Addams Family. It uses non-ghosting bulbs (to prevent flickering in the inserts), several different types of blinking bulbs in the backbox (for the lightning effects). A complete conversion kit for your game. Why...thank you Thing!

The photos and video show this kit with 3 pairs of spotlights. These are no longer automatically included with the kit. You will have the option to add those to your order after putting this in your cart. Feel the power.

Flashers can be added to this kit for an extra charge by selecting it above. Dirty Pool old man, I like it!

OCD Versions

The "With OCD" version includes regular (not non-ghosting) bulbs for controlled lighting and an LED OCD board.

Product Specs

Inserts Non-ghosting bulbs (except for the versions designed for LED OCD boards)
General Illumination All Sunlight White
Game Abbreviation TAF