Colored Lens Indicator Lamps

  • $1.79

For some, the biggest eyesore of switching to LEDs has been
replacing indicator lamps above the playfield (think scoops, like the
chair in Addams Family). Gone were your yellow or red bulb condoms,
replaced with a cold, heartless white dome at all times. People have
begged and pleaded with us. "Those bulbs should still be yellow or red
even when the game is turned off!", they said. It took years, but
eventually we listened.

Behold - our Colored Lens Non-ghosting Retro Bullets! A Comet Pinball
exclusive. If that name sounds like a mouthful, let's break it down:
- Colored lens: Instead of a clear or frosted white lens, these
lenses are the actual color of the bulb!
- Non-ghosting: Won't flicker when they should appear unlit
- Bullet: The same height and shape as the old fashioned incandescents
- Retro: The same brightness as incandescents, which, trust us, is
the right call for controlled lighting above the playfield

Although these bulbs were designed as a premium solution for
controlled lights above the playfield, they'll work anywhere that
calls for a 555 or 44/47 bulb. Perhaps you can find some other clever
uses for them?