Comet Stickers

  • $1.50

 Does your water bottle look like every other water bottle? Is your laptop lacking personality? Does your game room need flair?

We have the solution for you - Comet Stickers!

Over the years, you've been finding a sticker in your packages as a little token of our thanks. This isn't going to stop, but if you need a few extra, or a particular sticker strikes your fancy...

Whether the standard Comet Logo sticker is your style or you want something with a little more "bling" - we have the option for you!

Oh, and please send us pictures of where you're sticking your stickers. Or post 'em on social and tag us! We would love to see where you've been sticking us!

*Note regarding clear stickers - The images for the clear stickers look like the background is light blue. It isn't. It is in fact clear but clear sure is a hard color to show!