Congo LED Kit

  • $149.99

Let us be your guide for this trip. . . to a full Congo LED conversion! Your game will shine like diamonds with this premium, painstakingly hand-picked kit. 

This game does not exhibit ghosting so we used our regular 1SMD bulbs, color-matched to the inserts. To avoid bleed, we use quite a few flex bulbs as well. The effect is dazzling!

Our very own Congo with this kit installed won Best Lit Pinball at the 2019 Rocky Mountain Pinball Showdown!

Hand selected flashers are available for an additional charge.

Let's go!

*We've added some Post Lights by the hippos and 6SMD Pad under the volcano.  These are not included in the kit, but shoot us an email and we can walk you through these special additions.

Product Specs

Inserts Standard bulbs
General Illumination Some Color