Deadpool General Illumination Upgrade Kit

  • $64.99

Love your Deadpool Pro machine but hate the factory lighting for the always-on bulbs around the playfield? Yeah, us too. So we ate some chimichangas, gave ourselves a good hard look in the mirror, and after a period of self-reflection...decided to do something about it.

Presenting: the Comet Pinball Deadpool Pro General Illumination Factory Lighting Fix Kit (or CPDPGIFLFK for short). Get rid of the dark reds, the harsh clear cool whites, and all the other general illumination bulbs. Replace them with our exclusive frosted Sunlight bulbs, and a pair of double spotlights. Check out the before and after pictures: it's like night and day.

Give artist Zombie Yeti's beautiful artwork its due and bring out the warmth and gorgeous coloring by upgrading your game with our kit. Boom!


Product Specs

Inserts None, GI only
General Illumination All white (Sunlight)
Game Abbreviation DP