DMD Glare Eliminator

  • $14.95

Annoyed by the reflection of the DMD or LCD on the glass of your pinball machine? This adhesive privacy film sticks easily to your display to eliminate the glare. We're pro-lighting, but anti-glare, and this guards you from glare, if you will. Check out the videos below for a nice visual and installation instructions.


Standard: 336mm x 93mm
Stern LCD: 345mm x 193mm
Sega: 419mm x 146mm
CGC: 478mm x 160mm

For PinDMD eliminator must be installed on the inside of the plexiglass not on the DMD itself.

Our DMD filter is a great addition to any game with a bright reflection from the DMD onto the playfield glass. A video showing this installed on a modern Stern with an LCD:


The same game before the glare guard was installed:

Admire Ryan installing this on a machine in the Comet office: