Doctor Who LED Kit

  • $149.99

Exterminate, exterminate. . . those old, fading incandescent lamps!  We've made brightening up your classic 90's Williams so incredibly easy you won't even need your sonic screw driver.

This classic 90's Williams doesn't have ghosting issues, and we've taken advantage of that by using our slightly dimmer 1SMDs in the inserts.  This prevents a strobing effect caused by the pulsing and blinking necessary to traverse space and time.

Once you've installed Comet's full LED conversion kit you'll be shocked by how much bigger your game looks on the inside than it does on the outside!

This kit can be ordered to include an LED OCD board, which helps replicate the smooth fading of playfield insert lights. 

Find out more about the OCD board.


Inserts Standard bulbs
General Illumination All White
Game Abbreviation DW or Dr Who