Fish Tales LED Kit

  • $209.99

This hand-crafted kit is a full LED conversion for the classic Fish Tales pinball machine, made by Williams in 1992. You're not gonna eat that, are ya? It includes everything you'll need to replace the incandescent bulbs in the machine, and a few extras spotlights and lighting strips to brighten up the dark areas of the playfield. Why settle for a dim playfield when you can really rock the boat?

This kit uses non-ghosting bulbs for all playfield inserts: no flickering!

Each bulb is chosen by hand and tested in a real machine before being included in this kit. It was *this* big I tell ya! We spend an unreasonable amount of time putting these together, and believe it shows in the final product.

Are ya gonna talk, or are ya gonna buy this kit?!?

A note on flashers

In our opinion, many of the complaints about modern games being too bright are due to the use of LED flashers. For some people, they're too bright! We like to leave our flashers as incandescent (and no one playing our games has noticed the omission), but they can be added to this kit for an extra charge by selecting it above.

Product Specs

Inserts Non-ghosting bulbs
General Illumination Some color
Game Abbreviation FT