Game of Thrones Pro General Illumination Upgrade Kit

  • $49.99

Tired of looking at washed out plastics and muttering, "You know nothing, Gary Stern."  (Just kidding!  We love you, Gary!)  We here at Comet Pinball are devote followers of the Lord of Light, and just like Jon Snow, we can bring your game back to life!

We've left not a GI bulb standing and replaced the majority of them with our frosted, sunlight, 5V 2SMDs.  This not only adds brightness to the playfield, but also better complements the artwork.  We've also added a couple of general illumination spotlights so you can better see your path to the Iron Throne.

We play pinball, and we know things.

Product Specs

Inserts None, GI only
General Illumination All white (5V, Sunlight)
Game Abbreviation GOT