Gorgar LED Kit

  • $139.99

Gorgar speaks. . . and now he'll shine with Comet Pinball's full LED conversion kit!  

This kit includes all white bulbs for the GI and backbox and color-matched, non-ghosting bulbs for the inserts.  We include a bulb for every socket (and some extras to play around with, including the coin door and credit light.

Come on, shine some light on that underworld!

A pinball speaks to you
His metal voice is knockin' in your head
You can't resist you'll have to play
You're just another victim caught in the trap
Gorgar will eat you, Gorgar - man you'll never win - hey
Gorgar will eat you, Gorgar - but you keep on playin' - hey

Product Specs

Inserts Non-ghosting bulbs
General Illumination All white