Illuminated Flipper Button Kit

  • $17.99

Please take a look at the photos and videos to determine which buttons will work with your game, and feel free to send us an email with any questions.

Add illuminated flipper buttons to your game. No soldering required.

The Modern kit includes everything you need to light both sides and works on any game that uses 1 1/8th inch flipper buttons (except Jersey Jack games). Typically fits games made in 1985 or newer.  * Not for use in CGC! *

Late 70's-80's games use 1 3/8th inch flipper buttons. These include:
Williams 3A-7531-5, 3A-7531-9
Stern A-711, A-711-1
Gottlieb 24293Z
Some examples include but aren't limited to:  Alien Poker, Black Knight, Defender, Algar, Blackout, Disco Fever, Firepower, Stellar Wars, Time Warp, Flash, Contact, Lucky Seven, Tri Zone, Scorpion, Space Station, Pharaoh, Solar Fire, Phoenix, Laser Ball, Barracora and Gorgar.

The Early Solid State kit is for games whose buttons look like those shown in the last few photos. The kit is the same, but instead of a 1 1/8th in button, it includes all three pieces you need: a clear push button, clear button housing, and a clear backing to replace the metal one in your machine.  Some examples include but aren't limited to: Big Brave, Black Hole, Bone Busters, Centigrade 37, Charlies Angels, Dolly Parton, El Dorado, Fathom, Flash Gordon, Future Spa, Ground Shaker, Harlem Globetrotters, High Hand, Hot Doggin, Hot Shots, Joker Poker, Jungle Queen, Kiss (Bally), Lost World (Bally), Mata Hari, Paragon, Rolling Stones (Bally), Silverball Mania, Six Million Dollar Man, Skateball, Space Invaders, Star Trek (Bally), Strikes & Spares (Bally), Supersonic (Bally), Xenon.



Blue & red are shown in the pictures, but you can select from other colors as well, including color changing RGB (for a small extra charge of $2.00).

Early 80's Gottlieb with Start Button is the same as the Early Solid State kit but includes additional parts to illuminate the start button.  (See Black Hole pic)

The first video below shows easy installation instructions for modern machines. The second video has more information about early solid states.

Product Specs

Voltage 6.3v, 12v for JJP (Not for Use in CGC!)