LED OCD Boards

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The LED OCD boards we carry are designed primarily to solve the issue with jittery LED lighting in games that use fading effects in the inserts. (These boards do not address a similar issue with General Illumination, however the GI WPC and GIzmo boards do.)

Some games like to fade the inserts in and out, which is pretty neat when you have incandescent bulbs, but really gross when you have LEDs installed. Pinball LEDs have a difficult time fading smoothly from bright to dim because they change brightness much more quickly than an incandescent. The games weren't designed to send signals frequently enough for smooth transitions with LED bulbs.

The most notable offenders are Lord of the Rings and The Simpsons Pinball Party. You'll also especially notice this jittering during attract mode on modern Stern machines that originally shipped with incandescent lighting.

Some people do notice an improvement in both Stern games and 90s Bally/Williams games, and there are some videos below demonstrating the difference.

In addition to smoother lighting transitions with your inserts, you can re-program the board (using edits to a text file), to control the brightness of individual lamps. (Although this is an extra step for those who are OCD about their lighting, and not necessary at all. Works great without any modifications).

If you purchase one of these boards, we recommend using bulbs that are not advertised as non-ghosting. The non-ghosting bulbs will thwart some of the advantages of the OCD board, so stick with the standard bulbs.

These boards work great right out of the box without any customization and the vast majority of people choose to go that route. However, if you want to get crazy, you can tweak the settings of each individual bulb, but to do so, you'll need a Micro USB to USB cable (male to male). Most people will have one of these laying around (most commonly used in charging electronic devices), but if you don't, you can purchase one from us.

Although we can offer a little help, it's generally best to reach out directly to LED OCD for commonly asked questions or more detailed technical support.


Designed for SAM/Whitestar games only. Detailed compatibility list.

See it in action in: Tron.



Used in WPC Fliptronics 1 and later games. Detailed compatibility list.

See it in action in: Twilight Zone

Williams System 11 - Data East - Sega

Detailed compatibility list.