Trough Lighting Kit

  • $7.99

A trough lighting kit is the easy way to illuminate the dark area between the flippers. Extra light shining out from the trough area can brighten things up, or provide a colored, moody effect. The kit can be ordered in a variety of colors, and includes everything you might need to make this an easy installation in the trough of your pinball machine:

  • 10SMD lighting strip, in the color of your choice
  • 12 inch extension wire
  • 6 inch extension wire (in case 12 is more than you need)
  • Brightness adjustor (to dim the strip, if you choose)
  • Three connectors: wedge, bayonet, or alligator clips (use whichever you prefer)

Below is an installation video to show how easy this is to install in your ball trough. It takes only a few minutes, with no soldering required.

Not for use in JJP or other 12v systems.

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