Pin-Bot LED Kit

  • $154.99

Comet lighting activated. . .  After installing our Pin-Bot full LED conversion kit you'll be saying, "Now I see you!"   

We use all white bulbs in the GI and backbox (but include some extra colors for you to play around with) and color-match the inserts with our non-ghosting bulbs.  Your Pin-Bot will truly shine after this upgrade.

Our flasher upgrade includes every flasher in the game, including replacements for the topper and 1251 bulbs; however, read below before purchasing.


LED flashers do not behave well in Williams System 11 games.  If you choose to install flashers you will need to make some modifications to you game.  We can not be held accountable for any modifications you make to your machine.  :-)  That being said, you can learn how to make you System 11 flashers LED friendly on Pinside.

Product Specs

Inserts Non-ghosting bulbs
General Illumination All White
Game Abbreviation PB