Retro 5SMD Flashers, 25 Packs

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Our Retro 5SMD Flashers are for those who want the brightness of an incandescent with the long-lasting performance of an SMD.  White flashers will have a brightness similar to that of a fresh incandescent while colors will be slightly dimmer.  If you've avoided LED flashers because of their brightness and are looking for that classic look these bulbs are for you!

*These wedge-based flashers are the same brightness as our old "5SMD Flashers".  If you liked those order from this page.  If you want something brighter order from our 5SMD Flashers page

The wedge version of these bulbs are also a good choice as a #194 bulb replacement.

Note: the wedges will fit #555 sized sockets, but the voltage still needs to be around 12v.

Product Specs

Voltage 12v
Also known as "5smd 13v 5050 tower #906 or #89 flasher"
Diode Size five 5050 diodes