Retro SMD Bullet Bulbs

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SMD Retro Bullet bulbs are for those who want the brightness of an incandescent with the long-lasting performance of an SMD. Their taller profile makes them an almost exact match to incandescent lamps and makes above playfield installation a breeze!  A great throwback bulb, particularly if you want to mimic the level of light found in EM pinball machines. (Warm White is best choice if you want a warm/yellow glow on your whites).

They're designed with general illumination in mind.  *Clear domes can cause haloing on plastics and in the backbox.  We recommend frosted domes unless installing under plastic protectors.

Why do these exist?

We've been selling lots of 1LED and 2LED bulbs over the years, but many people have found them lacking in longevity, particularly when used for general illumination, and games on location.

We've discontinued these LED-style bulbs and are switching over to SMD-style bulbs, which are something we can proudly stand behind in terms of performance. They are more expensive, but need to be replaced far less often, so the lifetime cost of lighting your game is far lower.

Photo Credit: Thaddeus Kasubinski

Product Specs

Voltage 6.3v
Brightness 1.0x
Diode Size one (dimmed) 2835 diode
Special Properties 10mm (bullet) dome