Retro SMD Non-Ghosting Bulbs, 100 Packs

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SMD Retro Non-ghosting bulbs are for those who want the brightness of an incandescent with the long-lasting performance of an SMD. They are available with a frosted lens, and a bayonet base, making them an excellent choice to replace any 44/47 bulbs - particularly if you want to mimic the level of light found in EM pinball machines. (Warm White is best choice if you want a warm/yellow glow on your whites).


These bulbs are designed for inserts & other controlled lights, which often require non-ghosting properties to eliminate the subtle flickering you might see when the bulb is supposed to be off. We currently only carry a limited number of colors/styles of this bulb. If you'd like to see us expand, please reach out!

What does "Retro" mean?

We use the term "retro" to refer to bulbs which are of the same brightness as incandescent bulbs. Nothing more, nothing less.

How are these different from the Retro SMD Bullet Non-ghosting Bulbs?

The bullet bulbs have a 10mm tall dome to mimic the shape of original incandescent bulbs, while these ones are shaped just like all our other bulbs (and thus, shorter than original incandescents).

Product Specs

Voltage 6.3v
Brightness 1.0x
Diode Size one (dimmed) 2835 diode
Special Properties Non-ghosting