Revenge From Mars LED Kit

  • $30.99

Listen up broccoli head. . . WARNING - The Pinball 2000k games present some unique challenges when upgrading to LEDs. Please read this entire notice before ordering anything from this page.

The short version: we built a Supplemental GI kit for Revenge from Mars that contains only 30 bulbs, all general illumination. This is the kit we recommend purchasing, and how we would choose to light our own personal RFM.

The long version: we built a full LED kit for Revenge from Mars and did the best we could. We are not completely satisfied with it. There are many annoyances, such as:
- This game makes frequent use of an effect where individual GI bulbs are dimmed at various points in the game. The dimming effect is smooth with incandescents, but quite choppy with LEDS. It seems as though most of the dimming happens for bulbs in the back, but it's still quite noticeable to have bulbs that are flickering/blinking for minutes at a time.
- This game also frequently dims inserts under the playfield. With incandescents, the  inserts will be dim and moody. With LEDs, they become bright, and have a constant, low-level flicker.
- Replacing the inserts with LEDs makes them brighter, which causes them to reflect off the glass in the hood of the game, causing a constellation effect (as though there is a projection of the map of inserts floating over the game while you play).
- There are a few GI bulbs that really stand out when switched to LEDs. One is in the back right and really hurts the reflection effect for things in the lower right hand corner of the projected image. Another is dead center up the middle, such that you will often see the reflection of a lone bulb that doesn't contribute much to the lighting.
- The diagnostics will forever tell you that your LEDs are out, even when they are not. (This will happen at any socket where an incandescent is replaced with an LED, even when using our Supplemental GI kit).

There aren't any perfect solutions for these problems, and as mentioned above, our advice is to buy our Supplemental GI kit, or just leave the game incandescent.

If you do buy the full kit, there is a software setting that does an okay job of mitigating some of these issues, as long as you aren't too picky. This is highly recommended. Go into test mode -> Adjustments -> System Adjustments -> Power Saver -> and then change "Lamp Intensity Level" to 0.

Flashers can be selected for an additional charge.

You cannot protect yourself from our giant livestock!

Product Specs

Inserts Non-ghosting bulbs
General Illumination All Sunlight White
Game Abbreviation RFM