Shrek LED Kit

  • $139.99

Take your game out of the swamp with Comet Pinball's Shrek LED Conversion Kit!  It uses non-ghosting bulbs for the inserts, and all white frosted bulbs for the General Illumination.

This is a no-frills kit, which means color-matched bulbs for the inserts, and tasteful all-white general illumination. It includes replacements for every incandescent bulb in the game (including flashers for an extra charge) for a complete conversion. There are no strips or spotlights, just bulbs! 

Don't hide this game's ogrish appearance.  Be proud, and light it up with Comet's world renowned LEDs!  Hey, now you're an All Star!

Product Specs

Inserts Non-ghosting bulbs
General Illumination All White