Stern Spike General Illumination Bulbs, 25 Packs

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Stern Spike machines use socketed bayonet bulbs just like many decades of machines before them, but they changed the voltage from 6.3 volts, down to 5 volts!

Our Stern Spike GI Bulbs were designed to take advantage of that. They're identical to our standard 2SMD bulbs except these were built for 5V, meaning you get a little bit of extra brightness out of them in Spike machines. (Our standard 2SMD bulbs will still work fine in pinball machines running on Stern's Spike system).

Need help choosing color, lens type, or base type? Read the Art of LEDs.

Product Specs

Voltage 5v
Brightness 2.5x
Diode Size two 2835 diodes
Special Properties Designed for 5V systems, like Stern Spike