Terminator 2 LED Kit

  • $189.99

Say Hasta La Vista to your incandescent bulbs, and install the LED conversion kit from Comet Pinball for the Bally/Williams classic - Terminator 2, Judgement Day. It comes with everything you need to replace all the original bulbs in your machine (backbox, general illumination, and non-ghosting bulbs for the inserts).  It also include our cool bumper discs for the pops.

Each bulb is chosen by hand and tested in a real machine before being included in this kit. We spend an unreasonable amount of time putting these together, and believe it shows in the final product.

Brighten up your machine before Judgement Day comes.

This kit includes some optional ice blue bulbs for the GI, but no longer includes any lighting strips or spotlights.  If you'd like those just select the items you'd like from the pop up you'll get when adding this to your cart.

Product Specs

Inserts Non-ghosting bulbs
General Illumination Cool White
Game Abbreviation T2