Terminator 2 Rubber Kit

  • $28.99

It's the 21st century, and you know what that means? Choice, my friend. You can wrangle up the manual to your game, try to find the page where it lists all the rubbers, put them in your online cart one-by-one, and then cross your fingers that the manufacturer didn't make any mistakes or omissions. (Hint: they often do). Or...you could just click the large and pleasing "Add to Cart" button right here on this page and call it a day. No need to reinvent the wheel. Let us do all the hard work.

Each Comet Pinball rubber game kit comes with everything you need to replace every one of the tired, aching rubbers in your pinball machine. The flipper rubbers, which come in red or black, are made of standard rubber (like they used back in the good ol' days) for that familiar bounce and grip. Everything else will be silicone: long-lasting, easy-to-clean rubbers that'll make your machine feel like it just won the lottery.

If you don't need all the specifics, you can stop reading now, but if you're the type of person who likes to know what's inside a gift before unwrapping it, this kit for T2 includes the following rubbers:

11x 5/16 inch ID White
7x 3/4 inch ID White
4x 7/16 inch OD White
6x 1 1/4 inch ID White
2x 3/16 inch ID White
2x 2 1/2 inch ID White
15x Post Sleeve (standard) Black
2x Flipper 3 inch (standard) Red