Theatre of Magic LED Kit

  • $144.99

Now presenting: an LED kit for the Bally/Williams masterpiece Theater of Magic. This kit has color matched inserts where appropriate, color matched flashers (if you choose to add flashers), and all white bulbs for the GI and Backbox. If your incandescents are looking tired, this complete game conversion kit is the way to go.

The inserts were a bit unconventional in this game - many of them have multi-colored artwork that work better with white bulbs. We used a *lot* of flex bulbs as well.

There aren't any ghosting issues with this game, so we did not use non-ghosting bulbs in the inserts.

TOM is a game that uses a lot of dimming/blinking effects on the inserts during gameplay, which makes it a popular candidate for the upgrading to the OCD board (which helps smooth the fading). The bulbs we used for the inserts are the best type for use with the OCD board, so you can upgrade later and not have to worry about it. (Though you'll save a few bucks to buy the OCD board as part of the kit).

The theater awaits!

The video below shows the kit without the OCD board.



Inserts Standard bulbs
General Illumination All White
Game Abbreviation TOM