Ultra Dust, Ultrasonic Cleaner

  • $3.95

Mix with water for ultrasonic or other cleaning.

  • 2oz: 2-10 gallons
  • 6oz: 6-30 gallons
  • 12oz: 12-60 gallons

A low-foaming highly alkaline crystallized cleaner concentrate for in-process metal fabrication and finishing operations. Removes soils such as oils, grease, stencil inks, metal working fluids, drawing compounds, polishing and buffing compounds, jewelers rouges, Tripoli etc., from steel, steel alloys, aluminum, aluminum alloys, galvanized steel and other substrates. Great for cleaning precious metals and electronic components.

Non Hazardous, but some may be allergic to the cleaning agents so gloves are
recommended, keep out of eyes, wear goggles, and don't drink it or mix with Alcohol!

Mix with Water.....One Ounce will Make from 1 to 3 Gallons of Super Concentrated Cleaner! (For Ultrasonic use)

Can be used in a Spray bottle as an all purpose cleaner...up to 5 gallons an ounce!

Works Best with Hot Water-Heated Ultrasonic

Cleaning of Plastic Parts, like Printed or screened artwork is NEVER recommended.

This product is a cleaning agent, it is not a polishing agent. As such, it will not remove rust, oxidation, burns or deformities in plastic.

(As there is a wide variety of Ultrasonic cleaners, Types of Electronic Parts, and their construction, type and nature of dirt, or surface containment, we are not responsible for any negative results that may occur due to the use of this product.)