Flux Flex, Ultimate Optix

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Our flux bulbs are for strobing issues with early solid state games. You may see controlled lights exhibiting a bit of flickering when it should be lit solidly. These type of bulbs try to counteract that with a capacitor that stores a charge between the flickering.

These bulbs are great, but expensive, and we prefer using standard bulbs with a the Early Bally/Stern LED Adapter board. In many cases, using standard bulbs with the adapter board is cheaper than using flux bulbs for all controlled lights in the machine.

These bulbs have been discontinued and we will not be restocking them. If this ruins your day, please reach out to us and tell us why.

Note: this bulb will not function properly with an Alltek lamp driver board. 

Product Specs

Voltage 6.3v
Also known as "1 wired ultimate optix superflux, no flicker, reduced strobing"
Special Properties reduced strobing, flexible