455 Dim Blinking Bulbs

  • $1.39

This is the same as our 455 Blinking Bulb, except this one is quite a bit dimmer. They were originally created as a mistake, but people liked them and you can create some nice effects using a combination of fast blinking, slow blinking, and dim blinking bulbs. Check out the video below. Currently we only have bayonet, fast versions of the dim bulb. If you'd like to see them in wedges, or as slow blinking, let us know.

Blinking bulbs are commonly used in backboxes, especially EMs. If your game calls for a #455 bulb or #545, it's just an artistic choice. The socket works just like a regular bayonet 44/47 socket. It’s the circuitry inside the bulb that makes it blink, not the socket or voltage delivered to it. (So it’s okay to use blinking bulbs in sockets that had a non-blinking bulb, or to put non-blinking bulbs into a socket that called for a blinking bulb).

Many ask if we carry flasher bulbs, and after several confusing emails back and forth, we discover that they’re looking for a blinking bulb! The confusion is that modern games have larger, 12v bulbs that flash briefly when you do something awesome - and that has co-opted the term "flasher".