Funhouse LED Kit

  • $169.99

Come on in, Bucko. . . and check out our William's Funhouse full LED conversion kit.  Every bulb has been hand-picked and tested on our own machine so when yours comes out looking like new you'll know "that was no accident".  We tastefully light the backbox and playfield GI in all white while color matching the inserts with non-ghosting bulbs.  We utilize a lot of flex bulbs in this kit to prevent bleeding within the clock (see pic for how to install).  Thinking of sticking with your old incandescent lamps?  Well, "now who's the dummy?"

This kit can be ordered to include an LED OCD board, which helps replicate the smooth fading of playfield insert lights. 

Find out more about the OCD board.

To eliminate GI flickering when the clock strikes midnight, turn OFF "Allow Dim Illumination" in the Standard Adjustment Menu. . . or install a GI OCD Board.


Inserts Non-ghosting Bulbs
General Illumination All White
Game Abbreviation FH