Colored Lens Indicator Bulbs

Posted by Ryan Wanger on

A trend that started back in the mid/late 80s was putting indicator lights above the playfield (usually on a sign or plastic mold) with colored rubber caps on them (often called bulb condoms). A classic example is Fester’s chair on Addams Family: a yellow bulb on one side to indicate that a mansion award is ready, and a red bulb on the other side to indicate that multiball is ready.

When we upgraded these games to LEDs, it was a little disappointing that the colored LED replacements all had a white dome. They looked sad and dull when unlit. Of course, we wouldn’t be telling you about this if we didn’t have a solution: Colored Lens Indicator Bulbs. These bulbs are the height of incandescent bulbs, and they have beautiful, shiny, colored lenses. When unlit, you can still see their color.

If this is for a modern game that came with LEDs from the factory, and/or if you are putting these into a game using an OCD board (or a modern Stern Spike game), you’ll want this version. For everything else, you’ll want our non-ghosting version.

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